PATCHWORK -Lea Special

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Veruska disse...

Obrigada amiga. Amei. Tenha um ótimo final de semana. Beijos.

Anônimo disse...

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Suely F. Rodrigues disse...

Adorei este trabalho da capa.É uma revista nacional ou importada?Bjos

Anônimo disse...

31+11+5 of case Li Fen explodes constellation enemy also bright Yi Ba Ka 6 make miserable [url=]cheap air jordans[/url] by devastate
Two when can Yahoo sports dispatch fly to be apt to to buckle most in active service alliance 4 who be? The lay mines that is flier team of course is overcome - the Yibaka of Griffin and thunderbolt team, do not spend this sports season up to now Griffin buckles alliance of basket male crouch with 101 the first, and Yibaka ranks 17 with 50 merely. Beijing time on January 23, 2013, two people are greeted right definitely, this also is allied those who rank thunderbolt of the first second and fast fleet is right definitely, the first thunderbolt is in result alliance guest field continues to get with team of 109-97 conquer flier run allied.
Thunderbolt VS flier, ability of two the richest motion and buckle will team hits to have its happening almost every time, especially the kind and enmity of Griffin and thunderbolt team as fight hand to hand increasing, include his death to Pajinsi buckle, include Yi Ba to block old to his flying body hat... two teams last time Li Fen of case of fight hand to hand takes next 23+6, and Yibaka takes next 15+12+3 and 6 make from, this match it may be said is Griffin to Yibaka avenge battle.
The lacked a Ranggelifen to act an organizer in first part of Paul, begin case Li Fen uses the basket on the breakthrough to open a phase, nevertheless he begins after this going up again and again the line has exalted support by coordinated action. What after sending beautiful secondary attack one after another Griffin is in and Yi Ba gets stuck is odd in carrying, notch again, and Yibaka wants singles to seek an outer part subsequently, however by close over of case Li Fen. Subsequently nevertheless Yi Ba Ka runs through two a sneak attack the field after flier team, buckle basket twice to notch continuously. Even if is such, thunderbolt team still lags behind, because of them cannot Li Fen of case of keep within limits' overall performance, a the most wonderful camera lens appears in the first 5 minutes of 04 seconds, griffin just receives a ball to be less than a second, equestrian admiral ball cast the Jordan that cuts a line to buckle basket to notch, mere the first Griffin took 6 minutes of 4 bank the data of 4 secondary attack, yibakalue is shown inferior, but also took 6 minutes 5 backboard.
The 2nd Griffin became the emancipator of flier, flier team is in when lagging behind nearly 10 minutes for a time try hard to catch up of half of a game or contest. Pajinsi and Yi Ba Ka are hit to get have no other way by Griffin in this, former foul overmuch end, latter also is in low cannot prevent Griffin. Before of field backboard cruel buckle, the basket on false start footstep, forbid besides shoot a basket besides, griffin go up basket 3 be not being touched is a small episode, the Griffin of 16+8+4 of half of a game or contest is already enough nevertheless good.
Griffin is become again in this field match dad becomes Mom again, when big score of the 3rd flier is backward Griffin and Yi Ba blocked the occasion of mutual worry to maintain two bouts, go up in comprehensive sex at that time Griffin can dribble, can break through, in be being cast one after another even hind admire 3 minutes of balls with step on the line, flier relies on Griffin completely a person is propped up. The 4th Yibaka fouls 6 times graduation, take below 17 minutes of 9 bank, as player of a part Yibaka had accomplished what can do. Do not cross the need because of tactics, ba Ka of whole match Yi is man-to-man almost to Griffin, as a result this is opposite 4 of a constellation enemy explode to be over with Griffin definitely end. Li Fen of full-court game squares formed by crossed lines takes below 31 minutes of 11 bank 5 times secondary attack, this also sports season takes next 30+10+5 first. Lose a ball without Paul, but Griffin is tonight explode Ba Ka of constellation enemy Yi, also calculate bright. (Responsibility edits: Shen Min is clear)